Friday, September 2, 2011

HTC unveils new Windows 7 Phone smartphone: HTC Radar

HTC, the global leader of innovation and design in the mobile market, today unveiled the new Windows ® smartphone and HTC Phones HTC TITAN Radar during the meet up in London, Paris, Madrid and Berlin. HTC TITAN makes multimedia content and experiences that you prefer the more real with the 4.7 inch display, up to now the larger screen of a HTC smartphone, wrapped in an aluminum enclosure Ultra-thin 9.9mm. HTC radar is designed instead to stay in touch with people, stay informed about news that interests you most on entertainment. Consumers have had the pleasure of attending an exclusive demonstration of new devices and were able to try the latest version of the Windows platform from Microsoft ® phone, called Mango.

"With the new HTC smartphone and HTC TITAN Radar, has been improved the level of camera features, multimedia, and social, so as to allow you to take full advantage of the innovations of the last Windows phone," said Jason Mackenzie, president of Global Sales and Marketing HTC Corporation. "With the large screen cinema HTC Titan in a single device collects an amount of power and innovation as they had never seen before, while HTC Radar capture consumers' attention with his body one-body aluminum finishes accurate and compact form. "

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