Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich can take advantage of hardware acceleration

SDK 4.0, Anroid that ICS can take advantage of hardware acceleration, especially the GPU, to increase the graphics realism and decrease the CPU usage.
Android Ice Cream Sandwich has hardware acceleration: this very important detail has not been explained during the conference presentation, but it is clearly visible from the new version of the SDK released today by Google.

The developer does not have to do extra effort when designing their applications to take advantage of hardware acceleration built in ICS: in fact, just set the values ​​of  minSdk or targetSdk to 14 , and will be automatically enabled hardware acceleration.
For the uninitiated, the hardware acceleration using the full potential of the GPU to increase the dedicated graphics realism and gaming experience. This feature, already built into IOS and Windows Phone 7 as well as increase the performance in terms of graphics, it reduces (in a well-designed hardware architecture) also energy consumption.

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