Saturday, October 22, 2011

iFarmaci: Handbook of Pharmaceutical Iphone


IFarmaci is present in an app store app at a cost of 19.99 and a weight of about 68 MB. But once we begin to speak of the many merits of this application and that certainly can not miss on Iphone and Ipod of Pharmacists (like me), Doctors and Nurses ! IFarmaci's start by saying that drug formulary is a huge help for any occasion, from a variety of features!
The application consists of several sections:
Drugs : Surely this turns out to be the most important section which lists, in alphabetical order, all drugs in the database.

Under each drug is reported the Active Ingredient , on the left is represented by a simple design with the use of the drug must be taken (by mouth, etc.) while the left is a series of symbols that indicate whether the drug is Veterinarian (and then only for animals), if it is a drug without gluten (with a green symbol), if the drug-free recipe (red symbol) and finally a number circled in blue if the class of drugs includes subclasses.
Accessing a single drug will be presented there useful concepts:
  • Active ingredient.
  • Group (to which the drug belongs)
  • Recipe (kind of recipe)
  • ATC (anatomical therapeutic chemical)
  • Manufacturer.
  • Storage.
  • Expiration.
At the end of this list are other important things, one of which is the pharmaceutical iteration. For those who may not be the "branch" may underestimate but is of fundamental importance because it reminds us of the risks they incur to administer a particular drug when the patient is already receiving treatment with another type of medication.
Finally, there is also a useful barcode for faster recognition of the drug once in the pharmacy. And what is not insignificant price of the drug.
The second tab is for the research , if we need a drug and we want to find him right away.
The third tab is the ATC  and as explained before is "anatomical therapeutic chemical" in which are collected in alphabetical order drugs grouped according to their "department" anatomical action.

The fourth tab is intended for companies with a comprehensive collection of companies in alphabetical order by their number, their email and the various drugs they produce.

The fifth tab is not that last for 4 elements:

AIFA (it is the public body that operates on the basis of the guidelines and supervision of the Ministry.) includes notes on the various types of drugs.
Bookmarks and notes to write down all the notes and the most widely used drugs.
Withdrawn : contains the list of drugs withdrawn to the public.
To conclude I can only say that he was stunned by the completeness of this application and all its functions except that the utility that gives me in the pharmaceutical field, I can only advise to all!
Thanks to  Smoovesoftware  which provided the opportunity to test the application and you can find all the information on the site

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