Wednesday, October 26, 2011

BlackBerry OS 2.0 playbook postponed until after February

Bad news for those waiting for version 2.0 of OS playbook: in fact, RIM has recently announced that the release will slip to 2012, more precisely after the month of February.

Unfortunately the completion work of the OS turned out to be longer than expected, and then were forced to extend the time of beta testing. The development proceeds, however: one stated they are working to fill those gaps in the playbook, such as native support for email and BlackBerry Messenger desired: so far, in fact, it was not possible to use the client messaging if you do not connect the tablet to another BlackBerry smartphone through the BlackBerry connection Bridge, one thing rather uncomfortable for those who intend to buy the tablet but do not have another device in the same house.

We will keep you informed if you introduce new subject.

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