Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nokia 5800 V60.0.003 Firmware Update Available

After almost 5 months behind the day has come, Nokia has released 60.0.0003 OTA firmware version for the Nokia 5800. This update only 7 MB brings the following improvements:

  •      Web Browser v7.3.1.33
  •      Slide unlock unlock
  •      Support for International Domain Names IDN
  •      Improved phone speed
  •      Integrated Nokia Maps 3.06 (637)
This firmware has an average of 55 MB of free RAM on power and without any software installed on the other hand does not include desktop widgets, no emoticons in text messages, Nokia does not have the updated store and keeps old dialer. Remember it is the original firmware … if you install it you can not return to any existing CFW now.

 It is important to note that updates will not reach all the computers at the same time, because depending on the countries and operators there are certain protocols that take more time, if you bought your computer in an operator will have to wait years and probably never will . You can get this update via software update the phone or by dialing * # 0000 # -> Check for Updates. Remember to keep the battery charged and connected to the internet via WiFi

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