Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Facebook 4.0 for iPhone OS

The application of Facebook for iPhone OS receives a major update and introduces several new and important. First, the app is made ​​universal so that IPAD is iphone, not a small thing as previously optimized for the app to have served the IPAD jailbreak.

Now the application is back in Italian and you can control everything from one screen without having to go every time as before from the main menu.

Here's the official changelog:
  • Applications and games: play and get access to your favorite applications on the go
  • Navigation: send a message or check the notifications from any screen and scroll to navigate on Facebook without getting lost in the news
  • Bookmarks: your groups, pages and applications are in the menu on the left, with the most useful ones at the top
  • Search: Find what you need on Facebook - people, applications, Pages and more - without having to click or change display
  • Security: We have added updates to make the application more secure

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