Friday, October 14, 2011

Skype-Microsoft agreement was reached and finalized

Skype, the popular messaging software, and VoIP services has been fully acquired by Microsoft, becoming a division of Redmond.
Eventually an agreement was finally reached and finalized, following regulatory approvals of the U.S. and European bodies. To head the new division of Microsoft will be the current CEO of Skype, Tony Bates .
Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft said that " Skype is a phenomenal product and a brand loved by millions of users around the world [.. .] We will work with the Skype team to create new avenues of communication between friends, relatives and acquaintances, in any place and at any time . "
Microsoft will integrate Skype into their products, to increase the popularity and usability. Current employees will retain their place Skype and their offices in Russia, UK, Hong Kong USA.
The first agreement between Skype and Microsoft was reached in May with the acquisition amounted to 8.5 billion dollars : Microsoft will seek to integrate services Skype VoIP Xbox, Windows Phone, Kinect, Outlook and Lync. The higher the expectation for integration into the Xbox and Windows Phone: for most users it is awaiting the official application or integration into the system, although it is more likely that Microsoft releases the software on the Marketplace.
Microsoft also assures that the mark will not disappear Skype, and will be maintained support for versions of software compatible with Mac OS X, Linux, iPhone OS, Android, and Blackberry OS. With this acquisition, Microsoft now holds as much as 70% of MarketShare of IM services .

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