Monday, October 31, 2011

The tweak SemiTether goes 0.9.1 and brings some new [Update]

The Semi-Tether tweak just been updated to version 0.9.1 and will make some fixes and enhancements to your jailbroken iPhone as Tethered. If you do not tweak Semi-Tether, you can go find out here and you immediately understand its operation and use of the most surprising.

 In quick reminder, the SemiTether tweak will allow you to reboot your jailbroken iPhone as Tethered iOS 5. Unfortunately it will cost a certain price, several drawbacks prevent you from using your iPhone to 100%. After you reboot your iPhone, the following applications will not be available:

  •      mail
  •      safari
  •      Cydia
  •      Some tweaks in Cydia (SBSettings and widgets from the center of notification are still working for me)

New features:

The tweak Semi-Tether, thanks to its new update, will allow you to make adjustments to its operation:

  •      Already the stability of the application is better with the new version of MobileSubstrate
  •      You will be able to patch Safari to make it work even if you restart your iPhone without connecting to RedSnow. This feature is still in beta function, do not expect a stable release to 100%, you probably will encounter bugs. You can enable this option in the settings SemiTether, a new icon is now available on Springboard after the update. Click on it and enable or disable the option when you want.

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