Monday, October 31, 2011

Update PR1.3.1 For Nokia N900

Nokia either! Indeed, we have learned during the Nokia World Nokia would propose a set-to-day PR 1.3.1 for Nokia N900. We were a bit much taken by the Nokia 800 and Nokia Lumia N9 White during these two days, but Let's settle this injustice immediately. Thank you to Yves, Editor FGM, who blew the good news!

Before you get carried away, I want to clarify that this up-to-day does a security patch, as its name little understanding: 1.3.1, not 1.4. This Update follows the recent attack on the company DigiNotar during Operation "Black Tulip" involving an important security issue SSL certificates. DigiNotar is a company for the authenticity of websites such as Google, Amazon, etc.. in web browsers. The attack on these servers in June, admitted that in September, revealed a possible corruption of communications between the user and key websites. The result is that DigiNotar was immediately blacklisted by all web browsers including the Nokia Maemo 5. For the record, was able to quietly drop DigiNotar balance ...

Nokia provides a pack and to correct this flaw. This up-to-day should be available in the coming days. No official word from Nokia on the subject, as always.

Attention users of the AHSC can not directly access this up-to-date Nokia because it requires of course to have the PR version 1.3 of Maemo 5. But rest assured, security patches will be automatically incorporated into the next up-to-day AHSC! You should also know, this will be done in the background, without notice and input from you ... So no need to flash the N900 to return to the AHSC PR1.3, to the setting-a-days and PR1.3.1 put the AHSC. Phew, I can tell you that I am tired just thinking about it!

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