Monday, November 21, 2011

Android Ice Cream Sandwich: Available as a first Beta ROM for HTC HD2

The developer  tytung  at XDA has managed to bring a company in the fast first ROM 2 HD sull'HTC mostly functional, historic home of the Taiwanese device.

HTC HD 2 will go down in history as surely smartphone ever more elastic, capable of supporting multiple operating systems as well compared to the native Windows Mobile 6.5, so far we have seen it work perfectly with Android (on NAND ) in different versions (2.1, 2.2, 2.3, ...) and with different UI with Windows Phone 7, Meego and even Ubuntu. And once again confirms one of the best, despite the younger age and a hardware architecture is not the latest: Thanks to  tytung  at XDA fact, the HD 2 is one of the first smartphone to have an almost functional ROM and complete with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich .

In spite of so much recent perfomanti smartphones, as Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC Sensation, ..., HTC HD 2 smartphone with WM 6.5, beats all the time and get the new version of Android.
Not everything works correctly, of course, but the port is already well advanced. The first beta version it works:

    Audio (in part)
    Date: 3G/HSDPA (RMNET has the problem of the connection / disconnection. Testae PPP not yet.)
    GPS / AGPS
    BMA150 Accelerometer (3 axis)
    AK8973 magnetometer (3 axes)
    AK8973 orientation sensor
    CM3602 proximity sensor
    CM3602 Light Sensor

While still not working:

    USB Mass Storage
    HW Acceleration

For those interested in the ROM, download and guide on XDA located at this link .

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