Sunday, November 20, 2011

Android vs Symbian: Web Browser

We continue our series of videos comparing all functions of the Symbian OS vs. other mobile and in this case we will do against the strongest contender, Android v2.3.4 installed on a Symbian vs Xperia Play Anna v25 installed a Nokia C7 and this time the legendary Nokia 5800 with Symbian S60v5.

In the first Round show the music player and this time want to see in action the native web browser:


From version 2.2 of Android is integrated plugin for flash player 10 which lets you enjoy the flash content as you like on your PC, but as always there is a not so good, this time as normal speed and therefore the load time of pages (those with some flash) is down a little. Thus HTML5 technology has positioned itself as an effective response to relieve the old Flash on the internet and in this area android web browser is good (177 points) surpassed only by IOS (296 points).

The burden of a website developed in HTML5 is very rapid response to user actions are instantaneous and scrolling is very smooth, if time with the new Facebook behave quite well, but had no elements in the first cache was loaded All items including pictures.

Andora for the platform there are many alternatives to native browser and Dolphin HD, Fennex Mozilla, Skyfire and Opera among many others, which enables a variety if you're not comfortable with the native.


While Nokia has worked a lot to have a powerful web browser, I must say that was left behind on the road, the teams were the first Symbian integrate Flash Lite plugin, allowing content and enjoy flash games from the phone, over time fared better this version through the v3 that allowed watch video on youtube from the native browser and finally with the v4 series integrated teams only Symbian ^ 3 but after that the plugin was being more and more behind and had not the capabilities of Flash player 10, added to the Flash problem in itself and a poor interface for touch devices, made the leadership it once had Symbian web browser will be forgotten.

Now everything is HTML5 and the latest version of Symbian comes Browser 7.3 for both Anna Symbian S60v5 to the former, which includes improved support for HTML5 but seeing the test we see that all is far, Symbian Anna (96 points ) and Symbian S60v5 (89 points).

In addition to the Symbian platform there are many alternative web browsers, Skyfire stopped working a few years ago, so I just stayed with browsers made in JAVA that are quite poor and the ever-Mobile and Opera mini savior who far exceeds interface and performance to the native browser.

In conclusion this is a losing battle for Symbian, you have to be honest there is no way to compete, although the interface has improved, the native browser is slow, lacking support for new technologies, the feed reader is unusable and navigation pages web is rough and not friendly.

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