Thursday, November 10, 2011

Available Nokia Suite 3.2: new look, new name and new features

Nokia officially releases version 3.2 of its suite Ovi, with a new name (Nokia Suite), new features and new graphics.

The policy rebrand services Nokia is slowly ending: after Nokia Store, Nokia Music, Nokia Maps, etc. ..., is the turn of Nokia Suites . Ovi Suite it ceases to exist in order to leave room for the new version of Nokia Suite 3.2 recently released by Nokia.

For those who had used the beta version released by Beta Labs , will not notice substantial differences with the final version. Those who so far has used Ovi Suite 3.1, notice the difference with Nokia Suite 3.2 , from the graphics, where is introduced the Metro UI, Windows-style phones.
The full changelog of Nokia Suite 3.2 shows:

  •     Nokia Ovi Suite is called Suiteora
  •     The software has a new look
  •     The new view Support offers information and help using their smartphone and Nokia Suite
  •     Support provides information on the visual memory of your device
  •     The register of synchronization has been improved, showing the changes that occurred during synchronization
  •     The update software applications and firmware of the phone is now much more reliable
  •     Nokia Suites no longer needs the process MPlatform.exe removed because the software architecture. If the process will still be running if MPlatform.exe Nokia Music will be present on the same PC
  •     Fixed several bugs and introduced new improvements

Nokia Suite 3.2 is available to download at the following address, or alternatively you can run the update directly from the previous version of Ovi Suite.

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