Thursday, November 10, 2011

New features coming with iPhone OS 5.1

A relatively short time, Apple has released iOS5 , the new major update of Apple's mobile operating system, the same day they released iPhone OS 5.0.1 as written here that should solve the problems encountered by many battery owners of the new iPhone 4S, but also the "old" iPhone 4, but also addresses a flaw that hackers could exploit.

These days, however, some experts in the field of IOS have two very interesting findings, both on an iPhone can be activated with 4/4S Jailbreak iPhone OS on both 5.0.x and probably will come with iPhone OS 5.1 , it is the Panoramic Shooting and a bar for self-correction in style WindowsPhone Android or 7, let's analyze it.
Function Panorama course fits in the camera and allows you to take several photos in sequence and then merge them automatically at the end to create a single photo, you need to turn it into Cydia and install the " Firebreak ", so after a respring you will be activated in the settings of this function. 'Camera app, but do not recommend this tweak because it is still immature.

The toolbar integrates with corrections instead of the keyboard and "appears" another row above the keyboard according to the words we are writing advise us of the words or correct us if we were wrong, unfortunately, this work is quite buggy, if the want to try downloading the package from Cydia " Autocorrection Bar "4/3GS compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch iOS5 uprights.

Good news (even if already present in other OS) that are still immature at the time, but could improve and complete IOS.

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