Friday, November 11, 2011

Fedora 16 released Verne

The distribution of completely open Red Hat , Fedora , yet is updated to version 16 and the new features is ready to "challenge"  Ubuntu 11.10 released in recent weeks.

The new release of Fedora also called Verne's tip, as market demand, greatly to the cloud and in fact one of the new features and improvements include: Aeolus Conductor Condor Cloud HekaFS, and pacemakers OpenStack cloud.

The default desktop environment is Gnome 3.2 , the 3.0 update for Fedora 15 already seen, among others also available DE KDE XFCE and LXDE .

Among other important changes include the adoption of the Linux 3.1 kernel and GRUB2 , also improved virtualization with updates libvirtd, trusted boot, inspection and guest virtual lock manager.

For more information and download please visit the OFFICIAL SITE .

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