Thursday, November 10, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Notes: Guide to Root and CWM Recovery

This guide will explain how to obtain permits CWM Root and recovery in a simple and fast. Obviously the board to proceed only if you are aware of the risks they run. The ta assumes no responsibility 'of any reported damage to the device.

We proceed.
First, I recommend you begin with at least 50% charge.

NOTE: The procedure works only on notes that mount the ROM OXA-KJ1 or XEN_KJ4 . Theoretically 98% of the devices mounted one of these two ROM.

    Download Root package Galaxy Notes: DOWNLOAD
    Enable USB debugging on the Notes and unknown sources
    Make sure your PC to detect or has already 'taken over the driver of the Notes
    Now unzip the zip you just downloaded to the desktop of your PC (recommended)
    Unzip the folder you will find 3 more folders named

  1.     CF-Root-SGN_XX_OXA_KJ1-v5.0-CWM4
  2.     CF-Root-SGN_XX_XEN_KJ4-v5.0-CWM4
  3.     InitialCFRootFlasher

  •     Now check which ROM is installed on your device by following this path. Settings / device info / base-band version.
  •     Now take the zImage file on your ROM and copy the folder InitialCFRootFlasher / zImage
  •     Now connect your PC to the Notes
  •     Go into the folder ... InitialCFR. and click:

  1.     Already-Rooted.bat: ( in case you have already 'on the Root device ). This process will install 'Recovery only.
  2.     Not-Rooted-yet.bat: The process of enabling 'and will install the Root' the Recovery.

  •     Once started it will open 'a window "command Promt" and you should follow the instructions on the screen of the PC (ask' just click a button on the keyboard)
  •     Now wait for it to finish the procedure and the device restarts.
  •     Turn on the Notes will have the permissions of Root and Recovery

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