Monday, November 14, 2011

Ice Cream Sandwich source code available from November 17

It has come to Android Ice Cream Sandwich know almost everything, and the hottest issues are those that relate source code updated and devices, while the first are the certainties of the type first or second half of 2012 regarding the sources said Rohan Shravan , CEO of Notion Ink , would be forthcoming with a date for the roll-out scheduled to November 17.

Mr. Shravan had already made ​​some predictions proved true then, as the date of the release of Gingerbread and the adoption of the chip OMAP for the Galaxy Nexus .

If once again announced its forecast directly on the official blog will be confirmed in a few days every developer will have full access to the latest release of Android source code so you can forge AOSP ROM to the "ice cream", between the certainly the most anticipated CyanogenMod and The MIUI that offer support to a large part of Android devices currently on the market.

On 17 November is also the date of marketing the Galaxy Nexus, so if this were true, would confirm the rumors lately that they wanted the release to coincide with the new GooglePhone. 

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