Sunday, November 13, 2011

Motorola RAZR Phone Portal to abandon Motocast USB (for Mac)

In the past we have spoken well of Motorola Phone Portal software that let you manage content directly from your smartphone's web browser on your computer if connected to the same wifi network.
This software has been abandoned in the Motorola RAZR (though a running apk on the network) for Motocast USB, which unlike the version "without USB", is used to synchronize the contents of your computer with your smartphone.

The software installs automatically when you connect your phone to your computer and is also a version for Mac OS X. Motocast USB allows you to synchronize contacts, music, photos, videos and podcasts to and from your PC. The interface of the Mac version (we have not tested the PC) is very similar to iTunes and then very simple.

Very good so we gave the impression that this new software. A pity, however, for Linux users (including us) who lose their compatibility with your operating system.

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