Sunday, December 11, 2011

The first leak of Ice Cream Sandwich for Galaxy S2 could come next week

Whenever we talk Galaxy Samsung Nexus is a tendency to compare it with the Galaxy S2 , either because the hardware is very similar and consequent market segment which is to operate, and most times you would like a comparison to "equal terms" with both words phones equipped with the same version of Android , and the moment it seems very close SamFirmware and SamMobile announced the upcoming release of a leak of Ice Cream Sandwich for the first dual-core Samsung.
The release seems to have already planned for next week and should bring a BETA version of the software already equipped with TouchWiz , even if we do not know whether this is a final version of the upcoming Samsung interface, or an earlier version adapted only temporarily.

Surely there will be bugs but this release is likely to give a big hand to all Roma AOSP development team as they may possess the necessary drivers for the hardware fully functional, not to mention the possibility of having some custom based on same stocks that aims to fixare bugs of this ROM.

For the moment we have no other information except the one image out where you can see the Galaxy Ice Cream Sandwich with s2, a few more days and maybe we will know more as early as tomorrow with some more anticipation.

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