Sunday, December 11, 2011

WebOS will become open source

The operating system launched by Palm  that seemed to change the fate of HP  , which acquired the same Palm WebOS , abandoned months ago with a lot of sell-off of HP tablet TouchPad $ 99 returns to talk about if, in fact, the American company has stated that it will not be sold but will become an OpenSource project.
OpenSource and looking for new partners, these seem to be the watchwords in HP, a bit 'as the path already beaten by Google in recent years with Android that eventually led him to be a leader, along with Apple , the market of mobile devices.

With the change of "nature" in fact, HP hopes to involve a partner already established in the "field", who may be looking for an alternative right in the green robot, a few months ago there was talk of HTC and Samsung followed with interest that the 'evolution of the situation and could use the opportunity to reappear.

Another factor not to be overlooked is the development that may provide various community dev "independent", in addition to the possibility of using standard web technologies to create new applications that could bring with it the interest of many developers for the "new" Web-oriented platform.

If all that really bring a lot of interest that HP would be ready to produce new tablet with WebOS, which has always proved interesting but has never actually seen the light, perhaps this time could be the smart move to become the long-awaited operating system opensource lovers who unfortunately due to bad choices not found in Meego .

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