Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Mod 1Ghz overclock for the N8 is a lie

This week it began to spread the word about a mod that would be able to increase the processor speed of 680 Mhz Nokia N8 1Ghz, just installing one. Sis and even appeared with this mod CFW integrated effectively saying that the processor was a 1 GHz overclock, so we decided to analyze it and see what it is.

We unloaded the damn MOD: Internal.sis and unpack its contents using the SISContents, to our surprise it turned out that only contains a. Txt and many of you know and is the 20001079.txt.
This file is for those who do not remember is the implementation and controls NGAGE games settings that former gaming platform for Symbian S60v3. That's the whole course 1Ghz overlock mod for Symbian Anna.

So do not bother because it serves to install anything on your phone Symbian, you'll never climb speed or 1 MHz and all videos CFW assumptions that comprise only want to deceive you.

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