Sunday, December 4, 2011

Custom Firmware “Fast and the Furious” for Nokia C7 Updated to V2.1

The custom firmware for Nokia C7 “Fast and the Furious” based on the latest leaked Symbian Belle OS v111.030.0607 updated with to v2.1 with new features and fixes.

Changelog Fast and the Furious 2.1:

    Player mod v2 by DJ UG (now should no longer give any problem).
    Deleted text in links included in the model by Coderus homescreen (we recommend using the Application Folder icon if you want to put the folders on the home so it will be easier to recognize the various folders)
    New menu available with new folders by default (thanks to Simograndi for the help they gave me)
    Mod Homescreen illmitate jnx_r by how many home you want to add up to infinity without ever undergoing slow
    Rehabilitated the process of mail in the previous version of the widget was not autoloaded (be careful if you do not have a flat fee or however you need to make settings for the Internet, you should first start since disable the internet connection from the menu of fine is first button)

    Please note that after downloading this firmware you need to replace the old one rofs2 (if you have already used the previous version of this firmware or at least you’ve done with the flash of Fine leaked) Download the custom firmware:

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