Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nokia N9: PR 1.2 firmware spotted on Navifirm

From what has appeared on Navifirm appears, where you can find the program before the official Nokia firmware, the new PR 1.2 firmware for the Nokia N9.

The firmware version brings in question  22.2011.44.2 (the current firmware version brings v20.2011.40-4 ) and could be the long-awaited software update.

We see a first changelog:

  •         Added in the handling of applications to manage applications to button.
  •         The interface now separates the camera flash options (IU and room was very Already awesome)
  •         In the video recording interface separated the icon to turn the LED flash.
  •         The buttons have a new style
  •         On display there is a new option settings Colour Profile
  •         Settings Gallery has a new option for face recognition
  •         The menu to display an image and has a new option "Insert Face"

Of course, nothing official yet, but it is a downloadable firmware already have it is almost certain that the issue with official Nokia.

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