Friday, January 20, 2012

Absinthe: the jailbreak for the iDevice unthetered chip A5 is actually

In recent days circulated in video and voice network with emphasis on the jailbreak of iOS5 for iPhone 4S and iPad2 , the only devices being "cut off" for the jailbreak redsnow unthetered, a clear sign that the release of the iDevice equipped dual core processor from Apple was imminent and in fact some gold is available Absinthe on dev tools Chronic Dev-Team .
The tool we realized the great work done by the hacker pod2g and his "dream team" in the search for a "hole" of OSE iDevice will unlock the iPhone with iPhone OS 5.0 that 4S is 5.0.1 and can be for iPad2 jailbreakkati updated only if the release 5.0.1, the firmware in the retail will be unlocked:

    4S iPhone: iPhone OS 5.0 ( 9A334 ), 5.0.1 ( 9A405 ) and ( 9A406 )
    iPad 2: iPhone OS 5.0.1 ( 9A405 )

For people who need to unlock the baseband of the iPhone sim locked another famous hacker MuscleNerd recommended not to upgrade to iPhone OS 5.0.1, but remain at the 5.0 release re.

If you have a Mac you can jailbreakkare your iDevice immediately by downloading the tool from here  and simply pressing "Jailbreak" with the device already connected, while the tool for Windows and Linux will be released shortly.

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