Friday, January 20, 2012

The Nokia 710 Lumia gets firmware update 7.10.8107

After the update for the 800 Lumia, Lumia also for the 710 firmware update was released on 7.10.8107.

This new release of system software provides enhancements and fixes to bugs found in the first version, and in particular the ones you see in the changelog summarized below:

  •      Fixed sync issues with Gmail
  •      Fixed problems related to location and privacy
  •      Fixed problems with certificates DigiCert Sdn Bhd.
  •      Fixed bugs related to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
  •      Fixed bug for voice notifications of e-mail
  •      Fixed bug of disappearing keyboard

The update is, as always, can be installed on the PC using the Zune software, go to Settings, Phone, Update, and follow the onscreen instructions. For Mac OS users, however, the update can be made by Windows7 Phone Connector in the same way.

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