Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Best applications of 2011 Awards winners for Best Ever! [IPhone OS and Android]

After winning a game, Angry Birds,  in 2010 once again confirms its  Best ever application another application fun: Jetpack Joyride! Here are the winners of various sections with direct reference to the Store:
Best ever application:

  •     Jetpack Joyride
  •     Temple Run
  •     Tiny Wings

Application more innovative:

  •     IOS: Code
  •     Android: OnLive

Application more useful:

  •     IOS: Amazon Mobile
  •     Android: ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner

Best design:

  •     IOS: Tweetbot
  •     Android:  Any.DO: To Do List

Best location-based application:

  •     IOS: Instagram
  •     Android: Poynt

Best use of the hardware:

  •     IOS: Leafsnap
  •     Android: Square

Best application pastime:

  •     IOS: Tiny Wings
  •     Android Angry Birds

Better use of Social Networks:

  •     IOS: Tweetbot
  •     Android: Thumb

Best messaging application:

  •     IOS: IM + Pro
  •     Android: WhatsApp Messenger

Best application for RSS:

  •     IOS: Reeder
  •     Android: News Pulse

Best Application for Bloggers:

  •     IOS: Blogsy
  •     Android: WordPress

Best sports application:

  •     IOS: ScoreMobile
  •     Android:  ScoreMobile

Best Application for photos:

  •     IOS: Room +
  •     Android: Camera ZOOM FX

Best application for photo editing:

  •     IOS: Photo FX Studio
  •     Android:  Pixlr-o-matic

Most Innovative Game:

  •     IOS: Where is my water?
  •     Android: Cows vs. Aliens

Game with better graphics:

  •     IOS:  Anomaly Warzone Earth HD
  •     Android: Real Racing 2

These are the winners for the major categories, for all others we recommend you visit the official 2011 Best App Ever Awards !

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