Tuesday, January 31, 2012

HTC Villas with Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 and Sense in video

 It 'just the HTC villas that we have seen in the past in giving that we present anew at the beginning. This is the super-smartphone HTC carrying Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.1 and the latest version of the Sense: 4.0.
The smartphone that we see in the video has only 3 of the four virtual buttons that were present in the render. And 'then the search button disappeared, however, with the search bar present in Ice Cream Sandwich. Graphically the Sense 4.0 reflects everything that had ever been discussed recently on our site: clean graphics and interface squared (in keeping with Android 4.0, after all).

Among the hardware features include a 1.5 GHz dual core processor, 1GB of RAM and a 4.3 inch screen with QHD resolution (like HTC Sensation and Sensation XE). It 'surely one of the most interesting smartphone which we come to know and are sure that you all look forward to the news that we report in the next MWC in Barcelona.

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