Thursday, January 19, 2012

eBuddy XMS available for Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

After Windows Phone Marketplace WhatsApp comes another well-known application that enables the sending of text messages at no cost.

eBuddy XMS is the most famous client, developed by the developers of eBuddy, IM client all-in-one that lets you communicate via text messages in real-time with a lot of our contacts. Considering the famous competitor WhatsApp, eBuddy XMS is AVAILABLE for Android, iPhone OS, Symbian, and now also for Windows Phone 7. eBuddy XMS seamlessly integrates with the directory of your smartphone, users can automatically identify the contacts of the client. You can exchange text messages for now, will be implemented in future versions the ability to share images, video and more.

eBuddy XMS is available for free on the Marketplace .

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