Monday, January 23, 2012

FileSonic, FileServe and amend their terms. Next Closing?

After the FBI's aggressive action, which brought total closure of the wing famous file-sharing sites sites Megaupload and Megavideo and other popular services such as Filesonic, Fileserve and to take preventive action-Uploaded to avoid the same fate.

Hard times for web surfers and supporters of the sharing of large files (as well as " Downloader "hardened). After the forced closure of Megaupload and Megavideo , in fact at the hands of the FBI, competing sites offering a similar service, and considering they are taking preventive action to avoid legal problems, and therefore the permanent closure of their sites. This is the case of the equally famous sites FileSonic , Fileserve and . Each of them is pursuing a different policy.

FileSonic for example, has totally changed without notice and political conditions of use of the service. The main page reads: " All sharing functionality is now disabled on FileSonic. Our service can only be used to upload and retrieve files you have uploaded That Personally ".
The file sharing so it was definitely canceled: Filesonic will serve as an instrument of personal cloud storage. Only the owner of the uploaded file on your space, you can re-download.

Fileserve initiated a policy a little 'more aggressive. He canceled several suspicious accounts and found that no longer pay any amount to several users who shared files. Fileserve fact repaid in cash users who shared files. The reward increased as the growing number of downloads of your files uploaded. Those who waited so large sums of Fileserve, can safely put your soul in peace. finally turns out to be inaccessible from the U.S., while here in Italy is still working, but who knows for how much. The drubbing received from Megaupload and then shook the entire web, mobilizing communities, and bringing down several pillars. The file-sharing is compromised, as well as piracy, but not only. Just think of all the files completely legal, using these shared services (just think of the Android ROMs, cydia tweak to the iPhone OS, ...), went almost completely lost.

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