Sunday, January 22, 2012

Nokia smartphones and recycling

Nokia reminds us once again how imported respect for the environment in which we live. Always the Finnish company is committed to maintaining a high level of environmental sustainability, eco-friendly phones, producing, for example, the Nokia 700, largely made ​​from recycled materials.
Perhaps not everyone knows that 100% of the materials present in our cell phones can be recovered and used to produce new products or even energy. According to one study, however, only 9% of people recycle their old phones, while 44% keep them unnecessarily kept in a drawer. A waste!

To facilitate its customers to recycle, the Finnish company has therefore set up a recycling program, the largest in the world, thanks to which in the history of more than 100 countries around the world can deliver the unused cell, thus contributing to the cause for conservation of nature. For more information go to this page on the site of Nokia.

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