Tuesday, January 24, 2012

MIUI V4 first stable version for Samsung Galaxy S2

The famous ROM that comes directly from China, the MIUI , now in version 4 and based on Android Ice Cream Sandwich at home after 2 smartphone Google , Nexus S and Nexus Galaxy , comes to Android Another stable although not officially , the user of XDA adyscorpius fact has made ​​a port of MIUI perfectly usable for Samsung  Galaxy S2.

The Roma was born on the basis of MIUI v2.1.20 and CyanogenMod9 defined "very stable" currently has only 2 problems easily circumvented:

MIUI Theme does not work, fix it just create a folder named "theme" in the path / data / system /
When you first start you will be prompted for root permissions, allowed

Apart from these 2 bugs, almost negligible rom has the following changelog:

  • Based off MIUI Android v2.1.20 (Thanks MIUI MIUI and Android) and CyanogenMod Alpha 9 build 01172012 (Thanks Team Hacksung and CyanogenMod)
  • KP9 Kernel - Due to data issues with later versions (Thanks again Codeworkx)
  • Room from CyanogenMod - Supports 8MP
  • Fixed External Being not read SD, Both now and Storage Music app read it in Settings
  • Added some tweaks build.prop (Better Speed ​​and optimization)
  • Storage Fixed view - Both internal and external shows Now SD Card
  • Upgraded to latest SQLite3 version (Better database handling)
  • Added TitaniumBackup v4.7.5
  • Other features, i do not remember right now, but will update as soon as I Can
  • Now with flashable Drunken Clam Boot Animation ... (Thanks Team Whiskey - Sombionix and ViralBlack)

To install the MIUI V4 simply need permits Root and Recovery ClockWordMod  then follow these steps:

  1. Copy the file to the memory of your S2
  2. Making the classic 3 wipe recovery by: date, Dalvik cache and cache
  3. Wipe do Mounts and Storage System menu always the CWM
  4. Flashing the ROM
  5. Remaking a wipe on
  6. Restart

If you want to try the latest MIUI you can see the discussion of dedicated XDA you can find downloads and other information

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