Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nokia Big Screen is updated to v1.2 and adds compatibility with Symbian Belle

Nokia Big Screen, the app that allows you to view the multimedia content of your smartphone on a display HD TV, upgrade to version 1.2.

Designed for devices with HDMI output (N8 and E7-00), the new version adds compatibility with Symbian Belle, in a few weeks since the devices will be compatible with the new updated version of Symbian and would have made big screen unusable.

Currently with Nokia Big Screen, you can:

     Viewing photos and videos in high definition on your TV screen
     Play music from your phone to your home audio system
     Display lyrics karaoke style showing the video with subtitles
     Playing music in the background while you browse the photo gallery
     Enjoy a photo slideshow with music of your choice

The application is available for free on this page of the Nokia Store or by clicking the link below.
Download File: Nokia Big Screen v1.2 (1.39 MB)
Clicks: 179
Data: 05 gennaio 2012

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