Thursday, January 5, 2012

"one click" to lock and unlock Galaxy Nexus

Feature breakdown:

Drivers + SDK
This will automatically:

  1.     install the latest samsung drivers
  2.     extract the latest android SDK to your HOMEDRIVE
  3. along with the other nessary files for unlocking, rooting, flashing back to stock, and re-locking

    Update your systems "Path" environmental variable to include adb and fastboot locations

Unlock + Root
This will automatically:

    Help you configure drivers when your phone enters bootloader mode for the first time
    Unlock your device
    Push (Superuser.apk) to your sdcard
    Flash clockwork mod
    Provide on screen instructions for completing the rooting procedure

Unroot + OEM Lock
This will automatically:

    Flash all stock componets to bring your phone back to a factory state
    OEM lock your device: used to relock your gnex


    Install the program by double clicking the GnexRootToolkit.sfx.exe

- This will extract the contents to %PROGRAMFILES%\GnexRootToolkit
- Place shortcuts on your Desktop and Start Menu\Progarms
- Launch the program for first use

    Use the Drivers + SDK option first to install and configure the necessary components to your system
    Click the "Unlock + Root" or "Unroot + OEM lock" buttons depending on what you want to do

- Simply follow onscreen instructions; it should be self explanatory

    Note that the "Unroot + OEM lock" procedure can also be used to just flash back to stock without re-locking

- Simply follow onscreen instructions, and when it gets to the re-locking procedure... just exit the script.


File size: 266 MB
CRC-32: 491836dd
MD4: 7e41a55af76b6039202ed48f845ba5db
MD5: 295ee004f0db3bcd65c8b608b229ae1d
SHA-1: cf91f41cf52ee3a506eaeabce90872ebd9868dfe


1.) Can I use this to root if I am already unlocked?

    Yes. The way its built right now it will just go through the redundant step of trying to unlock it first and then fail at doing so because its already unlocked (so it won't factory reset again), and then it will move onto the root procedure. In hindsight I probably should have just made that a two button process. I will in version 1.1.

2.) What if I already have the SDK installed?

    This was probably my biggest oversight. The way the program is built now is that it will extract the sdk to your %HOMDRIVE% (so.. C:\android-sdk-windows) and it will overwrite anything if it is the same file. This shouldn't necessarily be a problem, but it may be annoying if for instance you already have adb and fastboot in C:\android-sdk-windows\tools and this program puts them in C:\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools as well. Still technically it should work, but it was a poor choice of me to have it overwrite things. I will add some sort of feature in version 1.1 which will ask the user if they already have the SDK installed and where they have adb and fastboot; that way I could have the script selectively extract the additional files rather than the whole SDK. Or could have the script automatically look for the SDK on the end-users computer and make the entire decision automated. I will look into it. For now. I would say, either backup your previous setup somewhere and then run this... or just wait for version 1.1.

3.) Will this work on the GSM version?

    No, but I should have that out within a few days, hopefully along with the new features I plan on including in version 1.1.

4.) My download is slow, or not working.

    Yes, due to high traffic I need to get more mirrors up. I am working on that now. I did not anticipate this much download traffic.


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