Thursday, January 12, 2012

PR1.2 firmware of Nokia N9 will introduce support for folders and video

They are leaked on the net a few screenshots of the next update of Nokia N9, revealing part of the changelog: PR1.2 implement folders homescreen and add support for video calls.
Good news for smartphone users N9 . In fact Nokia is working on the next firmware update, which will probably be released within a few weeks. The new firmware for Nokia N9 PR1.2 will bring several new features, and in addition to greater stability and speed of the system, will add the ability to organize applications into folders, and support for video calls .

'S implementation of the folders on the homescreen resembles that present in IOS, the folder that shows small icons of various applications present in them. The course will be manageable from the homescreen folder, even if it is not clear how it will be implemented to create them.
Added support for video calls : the front camera will then actually something, and probably one of the first applications that will exploit Skype (Mancini ).

You will be also improved the web browser, but especially the copy & paste features of the text: the procedure, as well as text selection, was taken up, as you can see from above, from Windows Phone 7, albeit with a much more graphic captivating.

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