Friday, January 13, 2012

Upgrades to Nokia Belle software are beginning to roll out worldwide?

The first appearance of the update to Nokia Belle appears and disappears from Navifirm server, then update the Nokia Suite and Nokia Software Updater and now an article that smacks of impending launch, Nokia released the developer, who warns developers to test their applications and ensure that they are compatible, as well as devices with Symbian ^ 3 and Anna, even with the update to Nokia Belle.

Mean while there are rumours tore-cord notable ICEmans made ​​public by the user, not new to very precise and detailed previews of Nokia, in very difficult times.

The first report concerns the update Carla in the month of March, after the upgrade will be completed in Belle, Nokia devices 603, 700 and 701 receive the update to Carla. No mention of the changelog, if not the generic "impressions": the implementation of MS Office and Skype in the firmware and the possibility that in a few months Carla could also be made available for device Symbian ^ 3 and Anna.

The second news is about the update to Symbian Belle that would be released as follows:

  1.      Update available only with Nokia Suite 3.3 and later
  2.      Make sure you backup the device before the upgrade because the upgrade will erase all data (contacts, SMS, etc.)
  3.      The update will be available for Symbian devices and Symbian ^ 3 Anna
  4.      The firmware version numbered 111.030.0609 dovrebbre be that, but it's not the name change from Symbian to Nokia

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