Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hello Nokia, a new project of Nokia Research Center, arriving on the Store

Team at Nokia Research Center in Tampere, Finland, announced the upcoming availability of the Nokia Store & Nokia Hello, a new project based on connectivity NFC (Near Field Communications).
Scope of work is to reduce the verbal interactions between people in crowded, as it may be a workplace, avoiding waste of time and trouble caused by even short exchanges between colleagues.

According to research undertaken by the team, in fact, the average technician currently spends more than two hours per day in verbal exchanges. By enabling our mobile devices to replace the verbal exchange, the team can become more productive, managing to reduce noise up to 85%.

Hello Nokia, which will be available soon for free on the Nokia Store, will allow us to communicate with some people in a tank, reducing the feelings or unwanted contacts, and optimizing the time available to us, in the wake of the traditional motto of the Mission Nokia "Connecting People ".

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