Monday, February 27, 2012

Sony launches Xperia SmartDock P

How to make a smartphone more appealing to the public eye? Simple: the first-class talents of accessories, which surely did with the Sony SmartDock on which he proudly displayed as the ' P Xperia .

The idea is simple and already seen elsewhere: connect your phone to a monitor (if possible) generous size, plus the addition of keyboard and mouse, so you have what the company itself does not hesitate to call " a full PC experience. " A year after its launch, the Atrix thus begins to be seriously taken as a model, and we can not honestly say that what we dislike, although the Sony solution is less complete than that of Motorola.

The fact SmartDock will be equipped with USB ports to connect the devices and HDMI output, so as to allow the phone to stream your media, transforming it into a sort of media center also radio controlled, on which you can of course start app installed: PC experience is limited, however, "only" to this, so it seems a tad excessive to call it complete.

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