Monday, April 9, 2012

Control your iPhone with - SwipeCam -Free Download

Here is a new tweak available SwipeCam will allow you to change the icon next to the slide release on the lockscreen to replace other icons that will be used to perform other actions so that you can manage your iPhone even more quickly because you can do it directly from your lockscreen. These icons allow you to change settings on your iPhone as WiFi and flight mode. The new icons will appear as usual by double clicking the Home button. The tweak SwipeCam was developed by and is available on the CydiaStore.

SwipeCam the tweak will improve the functions of the button that appears next to your release bar on your lockscreen. Until now the only function available was the launch of the camera. After installing the tweak, you will see two new functions: on / off WiFi and flight mode. You can select the function by double clicking the home button and then slidant button to display other functions (I find it difficult to access). SwipeCam the tweak has no control and adds no new icon to your SpringBoard.

The developer has announced it will soon be adding new features:

  • Enable / disable Location Services
  • A slide for adjusting the brightness
  • A button to perform a Respring, a Reboot, Safe Mode or the extinction of the device.

SwipeCam v1.0

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