Monday, April 9, 2012

PkgBackup Updated To 5.0.14-1

Jibril Gueye has released the latest version of PkgBackup in which many issues are solved. Fixed the issue of Backup history not displayed and Selection option for restoring AppStore apps not displayed.Pkgbackup is a Cydia Tweak for iOS 5 which allows you to Backup/Restore data for your iDevices. PkgBackup for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Pkgbackup 5.0.14-1 is Cloud Aware so this is great for You. Pkgbackup lets you to schedule backup and autobackup too. Pkgbackup permits you to exchange, share and send your data to others by Facebook, Twitter,Dropbox. PkgBackup is a K.I.S.S.(Keep It Simple, Stupid) iOS application that backup/restore all cydia packages, in additions to preferences & springboard files.
Pkgbackup v5.0.14-1 is the Latest and Updated version which is an iOS application for restore/backup cydia information and springboard files in your device. Now you can make a large recommend backup and version backup in your iPhone. PkgBackup makes the iPhone more attractive and more easy to use.

Pkgbackup 5.0.14-1 Features :

  • iOS 5 SUpport
  • Bugs Fixed Related to iOS 5
  • Backup/Restore of Apple store Data
  • Restore all Cydia files
  • Rolling Backup
  • Backup of WinterBoard Files
  • “Do Restore”/”Do Backup
  • UUID info
  • Backup of your SpringBoard Files
  • Backup of all Cydia files
  • Facebook/Twitter integration
  • DropBox Support
  • Share/send Cydia packages

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