Wednesday, April 4, 2012

CyanogenMod 9 Nightly officially available for Samsung Galaxy S

Alpha versions of CyanogenMod 9, with Android 4.0.4 officially on Samsung Galaxy S, the first Android smartphone the Korean market to recover so successfully.

Samsung said the Galaxy S is not officially receive the official update to Android Ice Cream Sandwich, requirements for hardware not satisfiable. A beautiful and good excuse, since the terminal in question has virtually the same hardware features to Nexus S, which, albeit with difficulty enjoys Android 4.0.x for some time.

It is known that the manufacturers to give up their own graphical user interfaces: as HTC gave the Desire to update to Android Gingerbread by hardware incompatibility with the new version of Sense and Android 2.3, Samsung also will not update the Galaxy S to Android 4.0 .

Fortunately, the success of a smartphone is often marked by community of developers rather than from advertising and support offered by the parent: the Galaxy S can continue to breathe scents of updates due to the constant efforts of developers and hackers. The smartphone that is entered into the good graces of the team Cyanogen, and some day he officially receives the first versions of the nightly version of the famous CyanogenMod 9 ROM.

The development is still in its early stages, but the more adventurous will be happy to experience AOSP on their Galaxy S.
The download version is available nightly on official site . Remember that you also need to flash the Google Apps after the flash-ROM, available at this address .


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