Sunday, April 1, 2012

CyanogenMod9 fullWok and Android 4.0.4

Although entry into the stadium to "nightly" for about a month CyanogenMod9 Samsung Galaxy S2 unfortunately until recently was not able to record video in addition to still having problems with GPS, but the wonderful team that deals dell'S2 " led "by Codeworkx finally managed to bring the recording fullHD also on Roma AOSP for excellence.

The ROM I'm using is fairly stable for several weeks, I would say since I have not found stabilissima crash, and in my opinion is ready for everyday use but lacking TV Out and FM Radio the rest works great, including USB host, for In some ways even better than the stock as the famous problem of autofocus in the video that I found in testing.

It should not be underestimated, among other things besides bringing Android 4.0.4 will be the interface so that stocks enjoy Ice Cream Sandwich in its beauty and without customizations imposed by Samsung and graphically made ​​him equal to Gingerbread.

If you want to try right now you can download the rom build fixes, including yesterday posted by Codeworkx HERE or if you have already flashed the latest build on the official website of Cyanogen can download the patch with the fix from the camera here , you will find that the next release on the official website should be regularly included in the fix has since been awarded an additional kernel that will equip the next release that further improves the touch.

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