Monday, April 16, 2012

QuickCam Beta for Symbian Belle

A feature that will make our Symbian more like Windows Phone
One feature that I find really good on WP is the ability to lock screen, activate the camera and shoot: reduces the time and quite!

So, when I want to quickly take a picture not to miss the moment, I pull out my 710 and Lumia is done .

But Lumia 710, although it has many advantages, has a nice flaw: no pictures as my N8!

But now I have solved: QuickCam Beta allows you to do exactly what he does but on our Windows Phone Symbian Belle!

We can choose to activate it by double clicking or by pressing and holding, if you add a sound when you turn the camera and of course if you start it automatically when the phone (which I recommend you do so the overall performance of the phone are not affected).

I did some testing and practice time are similar to those of Windows Phone! Only problem is when you exit the camera, at least on my N8 with Xeon, it takes a while 'to close it but QuickCam is not to blame in this case.

Well, free until Beta, so hurry up and download it from Nokia Store

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