Monday, April 16, 2012

Update: Borg 2.0

Here is a more precious Facebook client for our Symbian Belle.
This is Borg clients already know, that with version 2.0 is completatamente redesigned and visually very very very beautiful. We see the new features introduced with the new version:
New-Home-style tiles with Windows Phone.

-integration of chat and a chance to read and send messages to contacts propi
-Full support for emoticons
-caching program is retrieved from, then the device is not burdened
-Possibility with future update, to change the style of the icons on the front page
-Ability to tag friends in the post and respond to friend requests
-Check-in is implemented perfectly with nokia maps,
short, a program that promises very well and the UI truly amazing.
I highly recommend buying it on the STORE.

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