Monday, April 9, 2012

UC Browser 2.0 Now Available on WP7

UC Browser 2.0, one of the best browser available for Symbian, updated to version 2.0 for Windows Phone devices. It is a browser-based proxy, in which pages pass on an external server to be compressed and reformatted for use on mobile phone.


1. Powerful Thunder Mode
Switch to thunder mode to experience substantial businesses save traffic as well great speed. Time ... traffic ... Energy, UC Browser saves everything!
2. Heart-warming Cloud Service
Latest fashions and trends novel now available on WP7! Cloud service allows you to browse with simple typesetting and without ads.
3. Thunder-like banning Image Mode
In banning image mode, all images will be filtered Which also offers text browsing. Surprisingly fast and saving traffic!
4. Share to Renren Supported
Anytime and Anywhere, you can share fun to Renren with simple touch. Be THE fashionista!
5. Right Click Menu Optimized
Much Easier To call menu.Operation Greatly improved efficiency.

Unfortunately does not support the Italian language, but English and Chinese.

We have the ability to navigate using the tabs, a download manager quite sophisticated, the ability to copy the text in web pages and more.

UC Browser 2.0

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