Friday, November 2, 2012

Nokia Maps 3.0 for Windows Phone 8

The new version of Nokia Maps 3.0, available to download from the Store only for new device Windows Phone 8, carries a top requested features — the ability to use the application completely offline, thanks to the new download option of mass memory maps.

The maps that you will decide to download will be shared with those of Nokia Drive, then just a single download for both applications. Moreover, among the options there is also what allows you to keep up-to-date maps that are already on the phone, so as not to take the wrong route in case of changes.

Nokia Maps 3.0 integrates with Nokia Drive not only for sharing maps but also for the usability of the routes. In fact, once it is created one you can choose with a simple tap if it only on foot or by public, even put in the car, and then launching Nokia Drive for navigation with voice guidance instructions.

Another novelty is included in Nokia Maps 3.0 is the ability to explore the Interior of more than 4000 stores, a feature that will make it possible to not get lost in mega store and get information about the exact location of the shops on various floors. Finally, some palaces or monuments will be visible in 3D.

Nokia Maps will be the default application for the geo localization of Windows Phone 8, and therefore will be available on all devices, not just on those branded Nokia. Will be the same for Nokia Drive but for the device of Finnish House there will be a Plus version, most likely with more functionality.

Followed by a gallery of screenshots of Nokia Maps 3.0 captured on Nokia Lumia 920.

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