Saturday, December 1, 2012

Google service allows "Speak2Tweet" the Syrians

To cope with the interruption of the Internet in Syria, the service allows the transfer of situation on the ground through an audio recording posted on Twitter.

 Google announced on its official online Arabic relaunch service "Speak2Tweet" of the Syrian revolution activists to bring their voice to abroad by sending recordings to specific numbers, the service is published in the form of his singing in the calculated on Twitter.

The company said, it worked for less than two years, when the Internet in Egypt, with Twitter to launch "Speak2Tweet" to enable anyone sent his singing by using voice communication.

The move comes after Internet monitoring companies based in the United States that the Syrian Government had on Thursday to suspend Internet service throughout the country, thus becoming Syria still isolated from the outside world at the time of writing. And activists in Syria are communicating online via phone Thuraya (satellite) unprecedented interruption of the Internet, landlines and cellular.

So Google has urged the activists to call the use of "Speak2Tweet" and leave an audio recording on an international phone numbers and voice will be Twitter Twitter.

And international numbers provided by Google is, 16504194196 +, 390662207294 +, 302111982716 +, 902123391447 +. And here's a link service account on

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