Sunday, April 14, 2013

Improve the Battery life of your iPhone with BatteryDoctorPro |Tutorial|

BatteryDoctorPro is clearly one of the best applications that can be found on Cydia, it’s free and is compatible with iOS 5 with iOS 6 for iPhone and iPod touch.

The application is not new but still excellent, which is why we present it in detail today. For those who discover the application BatteryDoctorPro know that can effectively and easily manage the battery consumption.

Good design will allow you to improve battery life of your iDevice, a significant point you know.

First install the application. BatteryDoctorPro name is preceded by a multitude of Chinese characters correctly typing the name in the search to find the application to fail. Once the installation is done, do a respring your iDevice for safety.

Now you have access to two new features: An application "BatteryDoctorPro" is present on your Springboard and a new widget is available in the center of notifications. Start with the latter.

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