Friday, April 12, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4: Test online have not only fast a Samsung Galaxy S4 get his hands on, but almost as quickly made ​​an initial assessment online.

I always do a little hard to test that you want as quickly assess a device. To the innovations of a smartphone to work out how the Galaxy S4, it certainly needs a few more days. But as a first estimate, we may draw during the Review PhoneArena and of course look so excited about what you fall for a verdict.
From design, there is little enthusiasm that the choice of material back to the S3 equivalent. Here you can see Samsung lags behind compared to for example a HTC One or Sony Xperia Z. Having now both Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 in his hand, I want to join because only partially. The other devices mentioned can convince unquestionably in this discipline, but Samsung has reworked in both appearance (if only by the metal edge) and feel I like at the very compact smartphone better than the Galaxy S3. Overall, though probably no surprise that we have here identified one of the weaknesses of the Galaxy S4, because if one could ever find one. The compact design is also noted for the PhoneArena testers - one bumps stop only on the choice of material.

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